Kristian Hentschel Kristian Hentschel

London, UK

Curriculum Vitae

I am a computing science researcher building and evaluating practical systems. I love prototyping crazy new ideas in both electronics and software, and maintain a strong interest in visualisation, user experience design, and media production. I also have a portfolio of creative projects.

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  1. FPGA Port of a Large Scientific Model from Legacy Code: The Emanuel Convection Scheme Kristian Hentschel, Wim Vanderbauwhede, Syed Waqar Nabi
    [doi] Advances in Parallel Computing, Volume 27 (Proceedings ParCo 2015). IOSPress, 2016
  2. Parallel Programming in Actor-Based Applications via OpenCL
    Paul Harvey, Kristian Hentschel, Joseph Sventek
    [doi] Proceedings of the 16th Annual Middleware Conference. ACM, 2015.

Prizes and Awards

Last updated in April 2016.