Kristian Hentschel Kristian Hentschel

Glasgow, Scotland

GUST 50 Archives

A short interview-based documentary, introducing GUST (Glasgow University Student Television) Archivist Arielle and the GUST 50 Archive project. Part of the build-up for the GUST 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Production Details

No-Budget project created with and for GUST, Summer 2014.

Produced, directed, edited, and (mostly) shot by me. Additional Camera by Arif. Sound by Anna. Thanks to University of Glasgow Archive services.

Featuring GUST archive footage digitized by Anna and Arielle.

Canon 550D and 600D (50, 18-135, 17-50, 11-16).

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and graded with Resolve Lite.

Music by Brian Cao/Seemless Sounds (CC-BY).