Kristian Hentschel Kristian Hentschel

Glasgow, Scotland

Craft and Harbour

The client required a simple, modern, and responsive 2-page website for a new restaurant, the Craft & Harbour in Ayr, Scotland. I delivered a fully configurable WordPress theme allowing for easy expansion and giving the client direct control over the page content and imagery. The site achieves a full score on the Google PageSpeed usability tests, and ranks highly for site speed.

Wide Screen: Classic three column layout. Medium Screens and Tablets: Two column layout, moving the image gallery to the bottom of the page. Small/Mobile Phone Screens: Single column layout, with the most important information at the top. The information boxes are moved to the bottom of the page on secondary (non-front page) pages to prioritize content.


The final WordPress Theme made use of the Theme Customization API to allow a site administrator to change all details within the familiar WordPress interface. This allowed for updating classic theme features such as header and gallery images, and also to control micro-copy in the informational boxes, such as opening hours, booking instructions, and social media links. The top menu can also be controlled this way.

Third-Party Credits

The logo and wordmark have been separately designed and were provided by the client, as were the restaurant photographs used on the site.

The stylesheet was compiled with SCSS and gulp was used for build-automation throughout (scss, csso and autoprefixer for CSS, uglify for JavaScript, image-min for static images, browserSync for previewing).